As of this writing, 5 of the top 30 titles on Amazon’s best-seller list are adult coloring mlp coloring pages books. Just why have adult coloring books end up being such a phenomenon?

If you read any of the numerous posts and posts on adult coloring books, you’ll rapidly discover a couple of constant remarks. Advocates utilize descriptors like “meditative,” “mindful,” and “spiritual” to discuss the benefits; others imply that shading in the various designs are a method to focus, develop a work of charm, or find individual complete satisfaction through interruption and diversion. And some even go as far as to propose that coloring books are a type of personal treatment, even “art treatment,” sustaining the concept that coloring is an inner experience with impacts just like meditation or yoga. People who gather for adult coloring book occasions are now described as “colorists;” these groups enthusiastically announce the psychological health advantages of shading within the lines while sharing numerous coloring ideas for health and well-being with their Crayola carrying peers.

There is some questionable (pun planned) proof that the repetitive nature of coloring may be a type of self-regulation and self-soothing. Simply read the numerous comments on social media and different blog sites on the subject and it is simple to see that coloring serves a function for those individuals who are in requirement of some tension decrease.

But as an art therapist and psychotherapist, I do sigh aloud each time I check out yet again another testimonial on exactly what seem to be unexpectedly the ever-increasing advantages and individual surprises resulting from a coloring book. Here’s why:

Coloring is Not Mindfulness. Initially, a relationship with an adult coloring book is not a kind of meditation nor is it a form of mindfulness. That the principles of meditation and mindfulness are being used to describe coloring pre-made designs is, in fact, insulting to these practices that have deep cultural, and spiritual foundations. Let’s appreciate these customs along with the growing understanding by means of research of how meditation my little pony coloring pages and mindfulness specify practices that supply far-flung positive health results as well as individual benefits. Till proven otherwise, your coloring book is not an auto-pilot to a mindfulness or meditative experience. In fact, for some it might really lean toward fascination, strengthening the need to complete all those designs in all those books you now acquired (aka “one more thing on your already stressful order of business”).

Coloring is Not Creative Art Expression. While completing a coloring page is undoubtedly a “feel-good” experience for numerous, it is undoubtedly a far different experience from genuine imaginative expression. The advantages of actual art making (using one’s hands to produce from creativity) are numerous pony coloring book pages and are well-documented, including not only relaxation by means of tension hormone reduction, but also increased cognitive capabilities and attention period, decreases in discomfort and fatigue perception, improved self-awareness and boosted sense of lifestyle.

While just about every self-help, art-based activity roaming Pinterest or WordPress is declared as a type of personal therapy these days, the actual psychological health and wellness benefits of art treatment are not discovered in the stock and trade of any coloring book. It is the right-hemisphere-to-right-hemisphere, attuned, sensory-based, embodied and reflexive convergence aspects of the art treatment relationship that support art’s reparative powers. While I have no doubt that many colorists “feel better” after a session with a coloring book and even a group coloring fest, it is not art therapy by any meaning.